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Try our English Garden Gin and reclaim this fashionable summer drink for England.

We have the boozy Monks to thank for Gin's arrival on the scene. Initially Monks across Northern France, Flanders and the Netherlands distilled the liquor from grapes and grain and created a liquid with 40% alcohol. .It was promoted as an 'aqua vita' and administered as medication, a harsh, strong liquor which was made more palatable by the infusion of herbs.

The Dutch flavoured the liquor with juniper which they call jenever and so Gin arrived on the shores of Britain.. History shows that we have no claim on the invention of Gin despite the fact that it's probably the most fashionable British liquor at the moment.

I've decided we should make it more English. I invite you try this fresh and fragrant Gin cocktail and I am confident that,no matter where you are, its flavours and fragrances will transport you to the sunny patio of an English Country Garden.

Here's what you need:-

  • 25 ml Gin of your choice

  • Ice Cubes

  • 100 ml Tonic water

  • 10 ml Elder flower syrup

  • Splash of lime juice

For the Garnish

  • Cucumber slices

  • Sprig of lavender

How to make it:-

Stack the glass with ice, pour over the gin and elder flower syrup and flood with tonic. Splash in the lime juice and give it all a quick stir. It's that simple.

Garnish with cucumber, its fine to let the thinly sliced cucumber swirl within the liquid. Add a long stemmed sprig of Lavender as a 'stirrer' so that your guests will get strong blasts of lavender as they drink.

One last thing. The current fashion is to serve gin in large balloon wine glasses but i'd encourage you to do it your way. You need the room to stack with ice and swirl your drink but be creative with your glassware and don't be afraid to use the 'wrong glass' because in my mind there is never a wrong glass when the drink is right.

Take a look at our Gin Collection and find a gin glass that showcases your personality.

More Cocktail Recipes coming soon.

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