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Slice of Cake

Mangetout UK

The literal translation from the French is eat everything so It seemed a natural choice for our website because we love nothing more than great friends, great food and ultimately empty plates.

Our aim is empty plates but they must be beautiful plates. Beauty we are told is in the eye of the beholder; for me it comes in the simplicity of design where the food remains the star.

You may be eating on the patio with family on an ordinary working night or inviting close friends for a more formal affair. We think that they are equally important and we've pulled together in one place the props you need to stage a great event.

The days of the best china are behind us. It's all about enjoyment today so I hope you will enjoy owning and using some of the stylish but practical table and glassware in our collection and be inspired to cook with our classic cookware designs and if you have friends that love food and entertaining as much as we do then you'll love the gift packaging that's available too

Don't forget to post your fun foodie pictures on our Facebook page. We would love to see how you add your personality to the Mangetout Collection

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