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Tips for Your Herb Garden

A continuous medley of aromatic, fresh herbs are easy to grow and harvest, adding vibrant flavours and texture to any meal.

When and where to grow herbs

Herbs grow best with full sun and light, well-drained, moisture-retentive, fertile soil with plenty of organic matter incorporated. For a continuous supply:

  • Sow seeds of ones that rapidly run to seed, coriander and dill for example, on a fortnightly basis throughout spring and summer

  • Choose several cultivars, where available, with different maturing times to help to keep the herb garden productive

  • Pot up herbs such as chives, mint, parsley, or tarragon grown outdoors and bring them in for the winter, standing them on a south-facing windowsill

  • Keep a few containers near the house for easy picking

  • Pot a few larger containers with stronger-growing herbs such as mint and sage

  • Make use of new or used growing-bags especially where space is limited

  • Start early in the spring by sowing herbs under cloches and frames

  • Sow a few trays in a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill and grow plants on ready for planting out when the soil warms up

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